Couples Counselling and Couples Therapy

Out of love, desire and passion…

... most relationships between couples begin.

Daily Routines, Feeling Diminished and Stress

Job stress and family expectations often leave couples not enough time to develop and maintain an appreciation  for themselves and their relationships. If difficulties in communication and unresolved conflicts emerge on top of this, what began initially as a problem can develop into an existential crisis.

Couples therapy provides professional support.

The Way out of the Crisis

In couples therapy we assist you to find a way out of a conflict that seems to be deadlocked. Mutual accusations can be transformed into important information for you to share with each other. In the counselling situation we will open up a space for you in which you, as a couple, can consider your historical relationship and your current situation from a fresh perspective.

During this contentious process creative solutions may emerge from these newly gained perspectives. New possibilities for action may evolve. It may also become clearer if, and under what conditions, being together remains possible.